Workplace Conflict Mediation And Resolution

Human ResourcesWorkplace conflict mediation is a dispute resolution technique used to assist parties to resolve issues in the workplace and achieve an ongoing workable relationship. Allstaff is not just a human resources services only.Mediation is a confidential and structured process in which an independent and impartial third party facilitates discussion between the various individuals involved. Mediation is more cost effective and a less time consuming  process than formal proceedings and in many cases can resolve disputes before parties feel the need to consider litigation.

The process is confidential and limited to the immediate parties involved and therefore limits involvement and disruption to the wider workgroup. Successful mediation can enhance and assist your organisation to stabilise ongoing internal and external working relationships and achieve better outcomes for parties involved.

AllStaff HR has extensive experience in workplace mediation and resolution.  Our workplace mediators are experienced, sensitive and have worked in different industries and organisations.


Workplace Mediation is an appropriate measure in situations where:

  • Parties to a grievance are willing or prefer for a matter to be dealt with informally through a mediated process rather than through a formal investigation
  • The matters do not involve serious misconduct or a serious breach of company policy, but rather are a result of misunderstanding, personality clashes or a difference of opinion.

If you want your matter dealt with appropriately and correctly the first time, then call  All Staff HR for all matters relating to workplace conflict mediation.