Staff Recruitment Gone Wrong

Human Resources Recruitment is critical

Human ResourcesWhy do companies insist in getting their recruitment wrong? I have seen it so many times where companies advertise and go on the hunt to source a manager and after the selection is done and its down to the last stage of the process which is making the offer they surprise the poor candidate by alerting them to a last minute title change. Why?

Not only is this practice illegal but the company has obviously not been given the correct Human Resources advice.  Moreover how does this make the candidate feel?

The human resources recruitment process is a critical component of the process which is why you need to make sure that the role you are recruiting has the key requirements in order to attract the right calibre.  In addition you need to ensure that the entire stage of the RSI includes the same detail as consistency is critical and by this I mean, your advertisement, your interview and all the documentation thereafter must include the same title.  Correct staff recruitment is paramount to business efficiency. It doesn’t matter whether you are recruiting for an administration role or if its an executive recruitment role, the same rules still apply.

This is why Staff Recruitment and Human Resources Advisory in all organisations is imperative as alignment and making sure that all the documentation is correct will ensure a timely recruitment process.   Partnering with a Human Resources consultant that knows the market, industry and more to the point is excellent with staff is key, which is why you should consider always  to partner  with AllStaff HR.
Good Human resources management is critical to an employee-oriented, productive workplace in which employees are energised and engaged.

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