Customer Experience Pit Falls


Customer Experience for some organisations is merely lip service, that’s right, lip service.

When an organisation operates in silos, this spells danger.

These are organisations that do not have a clear strategic alignment but rather have what I call a tug of war strategy.  This is nothing more than Sales going in one direction, to increase Sales ofcourse and Service in another, to reduce operating costs.  When this happens this is what I call the earthquake effect, where the only one who is impacted  is the customer as they are in the middle of an internal war and cannot get out.

A recent organisation that I consulted asked for assistance in auditing their customer experience.  Their road map was incredibly messy and reviewing the audit it frustrated me that such organisations that have all these beautiful customer centricity material and banners are nothing more than fabrication.  Living, breathing the customer experience is more than plasting banners on the website and collateral.

For any organisation undertaking a review on the customer experience, the best method is to ensure that you work with a customer experience consultant professional who can take you our of your comfort zone.   This is where Customer Experience Solutions and All Staff HR can assist and make your organisation improve the customer satisfaction and ensure that the customer is better understood.

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