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The customer experience isn’t about just answering a call, or entering an order its about more than that.  It truly stems from ensuring throughout the organisation everyone owns the customer.  It may sound easy but getting everyone to stand by the customer including contractors and suppliers is a truly difficult transformation but if done well, it spells success.  This is why you need to consult with experts such as Customer Experience and All Staff HR solutions as they have been building footprints for all industry sectors both large and small.

A recent review conducted by a leading building company showed that there were so many customer pain points and equally as many internal paint points.  Reviewing all the data showed that there was so much to do from tools, process, people and more importantly getting the customer engaged to feel part of the journey that the company was finally listening.

The building company engaged with a customer experience expert who audited the organisation and provided the organisation with a clear action plan on what needed to be done.

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