Getting Interviews Right is Critical

I love it when I get that call, to source the next best candidate.  That recruitment call not only spells importance for the organisation but means a lot to me as I too am passionate about getting it right the first time. Having been in the industry for over 25years has helped me gain so […]

Customer Experience – It Matters

The customer experience is not a mold that is one fit for all! This is where organisations go wrong. The customer  experience you want to design, must always involve everyone and every department including any contractor or third party vendor you utilise.   Integrating the customer experience widely into your business will mean there is […]

Creating your own unique customer experience

You hear so much these days on new initiatives and when this happens you can guarantee there will be a holocaust sweeping the industry with the new buzz word until it makes you sick. The customer experience framework is a very recent buzz word, sweeping the nation and only those who have been around for […]

Free From Discrimination

Ensuring your workplace is free from any form of discrimination and harassment is critical.  Workplace must be an environment where everyone is treated fairly and equally so you must make sure that staff, and this includes all staff at all levels are aware of their obligations surrounding this very subject as its not just the […]

Getting Executive Recruitment Right The First Time

The need to continuously evolve in the executive recruitment space is critical.  All Staff HR have been recruitment specialist in the fields of  Customer Service, Operations including most recently Telecommunications.  The need to work on continuous improvements in the recruitment space defines a point of difference.   Recruiting new talent is an ART in itself and […]

Customer Experience Metrics

Companies should always review their quality metric measures and ensure they are up to scratch with today’s requirements.  Too often we carry over old legacy which in today’s terms means absolutely nothing as the data doesn’t provide any validation to improve or understand the Customer Experience.  Furthermore obtaining the right balance between Quality and Metrics […]

Human Resources Do’s

  Human Resources is never straight forward.  As a general rule never discriminate, dismiss or treat anyone unfairly when a request to modify working arrangement for an employee is put forward. It is important that all requests are considered and reviewed as per the Fair Work Commission guidelines.  An employee may put a request to […]

Customer Experience Pit Falls

  Customer Experience for some organisations is merely lip service, that’s right, lip service. When an organisation operates in silos, this spells danger. These are organisations that do not have a clear strategic alignment but rather have what I call a tug of war strategy.  This is nothing more than Sales going in one direction, […]

Customer Experience is KING

  The customer experience isn’t about just answering a call, or entering an order its about more than that.  It truly stems from ensuring throughout the organisation everyone owns the customer.  It may sound easy but getting everyone to stand by the customer including contractors and suppliers is a truly difficult transformation but if done […]

Don’t Confuse Change Management

Leaders are not just there to lead and coach they are there to take everyone on a journey of continuous improvement.  For any business to thrive in todays economic times there must be change and a great leader is one who not only can see into the crystal ball for 2years but can see into […]