Customer Experience Metrics

Companies should always review their quality metric measures and ensure they are up to scratch with today’s requirements.  Too often we carry over old legacy which in today’s terms means absolutely nothing as the data doesn’t provide any validation to improve or understand the Customer Experience.  Furthermore obtaining the right balance between Quality and Metrics is important as they are both really important from an operations perspective and from a customer satisfaction perspective.

Traditional customer service centres & call centres alike have used a vast variety of metrics including the popular metric called Grade Of Service (GOS).  This metric is used today but there are other quality metrics which have pushed their way through the surface making them a more important and useful metric which allows centres to gain insights into the Customer Experience Framework (CEX) including Satisfaction Insight (SI) both working hand in hand to understanding the customer in detail.

It is very important that the right balance of metrics for managing customer service centres are used as too many metrics alone will have a push over affect, meaning high turn over, this only leads to morale issues for those left standing so not a good idea to capture metrics alone.

So how do you choose the right metrics?  There are so many metrics to use but what is important is to understand your business strategy and then understand the outcome you want to acheive.  This will then assist you on your journey of mapping a robust customer experience metric.

Metrics are a form of art in its own entirety and you may have to go through several iterations to pick the right ones that really measure your success. Its important that all metrics are carefully considered and remember an important tip – if you the outcome cannot be measured with a metric then its not worth considering.

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